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HOH Board

Mrs. Harriett Banks is a long-time resident of Kitsap County with strong midwestern roots in Chicago, IL. She is the mother of three children and nine grandchildren. Harriett grew up watching her mother give of herself to those in need, specifically to children who needed the foundation of a good home. Starting in 2003, Harriett continued her mother’s legacy as a foster mother. She fostered for three years and then opened a thriving Home Daycare Center called Kings Kids Daycare where she continued to nurture children in the community. However, the tug of fostering began to pull at her heartstrings once again. In 2011, she decided to renew her foster parenting license. This gave way to Harriett providing a loving home for over 44 girls in the past 10 years, which 35 of them were teen girls. This love birthed an organization that reaches beyond the four walls of home and into community.  In 2021, Harriett founded House of Hope. It is an organization that answers her God-given calling to serve and to positively impact the lives of young women in need.


Our President for the house of hope is Ayesha Willis. From Columbus Georgia, Ayesha was a young mom herself. She was only 15 when she found out she was pregnant, and coming from an already broken home, she struggled with knowing what to do. Ayesha had family tell her that she would never be anything due to getting pregnant which for her, was a slap in the face. With the motivation of your new son, she became determined to graduate high school, prove everyone wrong and join the US Navy. After dedication and perseverance, she did both those things. Ayesha served in the Navy for 8 years as a dental technician as well as had a second child, another boy with her now ex-husband. After getting out of the service, she knew she wanted to work with young teens, who faced similar back grounds as her. After getting hired at the Washington youth academy, a quasi-military school for at risk teens, Ayesha has spent the last 12 1/2 years dedicating her time to working with these young men and women. She has worked her way up to becoming the Lieutenant for the 3 rd platoon Eagles, the female platoon. She has seen multiple young girls who were teen moms and helped them grow into strong powerful women. As well as other young teens who have come from challenging backgrounds. Ayesha serves as a strong
role model for teens from all over the state of Washington, as well as a role model for her staff. Joining the house of hope foundation will allow her to carry on with helping young helping young women in need.

Shatara Tiller- Secretary
Kendra Galloway- Treasure
Sharon Tiller- Board Member 
Gloria Crane- Board Member




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